Comments on Obama’s State of the Union Address 1/27/10

Barack Obama is very good at saying what we progressives want to hear but makes promises on which he either won’t or can’t deliver.  Talk is cheap–he needs to walk the walk and at this point his failure to take on the right wing or show any leadership has made me very cynical about his intentions or ability to do what needs to be done.  I now think he is just another average politico protecting the home turf, though I never did view him as the Messianic leader many did.  It turns out there’s not much reason to hope for change from this administration, all campaign promises to the contrary, and his reticence to rock the boat shines the spotlight on how changing leaders does not change the fundamental systemic problems.  How much longer are we going to hope that the Democratic Party is going to do anything?  We need independent and third-party progressives in office because the members of the two major parties are too invested in the status quo.


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