Anti-Abortion Ads & the Super Bowl

With the trial of Dr. George Tiller’s murderer underway, CBS is planning on airing an anti-abortion advertisement to a massive audience tuning in to watch the Super Bowl on February 5.  Besides being both unwise and potentially dangerous as the lives of many family planning doctors and staff are threatened every day by religious zealots, this is a bizarre advertising choice during the Super Bowl, the most-watched game of the year, and reveals the influence of the radical religious right on our corporate-owned media.  One has to wonder how much money the fundamentalist churches and televangelists contributed to this ad–isn’t it time that they have their tax-exempt status yanked?  They can’t have it both ways; they can’t be both non-profit entities and political organizations.  We need to get religion out of politics by enforcing the IRS laws so they wouldn’t be able to funnel the outrageous amounts of donations they collect towards their political agenda.  Likewise,  CBS should make better choices and restrict their ads to products instead of pandering to political pressure by the religious right.


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