The Stupak Amendment and the Radical Religious Right

The Stupak Amendment to the health care reform bill, passed by the House, trades away women’s health for a few votes from the religious right as it prohibits women from even PAYING for reproductive services such as
abortion.  The ongoing attempts of the radical right to deny women reproductive freedom know no bounds. Women are second-class citizens to these people who think a woman has less right to life than an embryo, borne out by their staunch opposition to abortion, even in the case of health risks and life of the mother, and by their ongoing violence at family planning clinics and towards doctors who perform abortions. The doctors, nurses, and staff at Planned Parenthood get harassed, intimidated, and even issued death threats on a daily basis from these people who so clearly have no respect for life; they are religious terrorists, every bit as much as their Muslim fundamentalist counterparts, and deserve to be treated as such.  We MUST stop the violence and ensure the safety of these caring and courageous people that work in the clinics, as well as the patients seeking care,  and we must stop the incursions of the radical religious right into positions of power in the government who make these kinds of outrageous decisions and who would return women to being chattel and force them into endless childbearing.


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