Women’s Access to Birth Control & the Blunt Amendment

The recent effort to deny women access to affordable birth control is an affront to women’s basic human rights. The message is clear:  these right-wing extremists want to deny a woman access to health care and  her basic human right to sovereignty over her own body, and to make her own medical decisions.  It is an outrage!

The true intent of the radical religious right-wing behind the birth control battle is to “expose” pro-choice representatives so they can be targeted by these zealots and in order to try to pass their “Life at Conception Act” in an attempt to overturn Roe v. Wade.  They plan to abuse the 14th amendment as their legal argument, which has been used to achieve corporate “personhood”, in order to deem a fertilized egg as a “person”.  These are the same people who claim to be “Constitutionalists”, when neither the Constitution nor the Bill of Rights mentions corporations or gametes, zygotes, or fetuses.

We must stand firm in our support of a woman’s right to self-determination and renounce each and every attempt to erode women’s rights and to return women to being chattel.


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One response to “Women’s Access to Birth Control & the Blunt Amendment

  1. With the failure of the blunt amendment i think the fight is over. Birth control is such a vital problem we have to resolve in our heads before moving forward.

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