The Woman Who Separated Church From State | Care2 Causes

Kudos to Queen Vashti!  People need to remember that religion has always been at the heart of fascism and feudalism and the enemy of freedom and enlightenment.  What is particularly ironic is that the people like Santorum, et al, that want to crow endlessly about promoting their particular brand of religiosity and decry the separation of church and state are the very ones whose rights to practice their religion were (and could be again) guaranteed by it.  It was the Danbury Baptists whose persecution by the Anglican church/government Thomas Jefferson took up in his famous letter about this issue.  The Baptist Church is the largest denomination in this country and one of the most fundamentalist Protestant sects (they prefer evangelical nowadays) but they are fundamentalists, just like the Muslim jihadists, and behind the war on women’s rights.  What is really hilarious is that these are the very people who used to view the Catholic Church as the Beast of Revelations just a few years ago, but now are flocking behind people like Santorum,a Roman Catholic, mainly because they agree on how much they hate the freedom of women!  You watch, they will be joining forces with the Islamic fundamentalists eventually in their zeal to repress women. They are the Talibangelicals, whether Baptist, Catholic, or Muslim.

The Woman Who Separated Church From State | Care2 Causes


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