The Negro Project and Margaret Sanger

It is very telling that this webpage starts out with a Biblical quote about “choosing life so both you and your descendants may live”, which  says it all regarding their motives, in my opinion, and confirmed my suspicion that this is a smear job. Missing from this treatise is any statement about the background of the writer or the “say so” marchers other than that they were “ministers”, which again exposes their true motives.  These are ministers, you can be sure, of patriarchal Christian  fundamentalist sects, most likely ultra-conservative Baptists who, like their fundamentalist papist and Islamic counterparts,  take a particular dislike to any freedom on the part of women, especially sexual freedom, while taking great umbrage to what they perceive as racial prejudice.  It is amazing how hypocritical this is, though it is par for the course.  While it is undeniable that there was racism inherent in eugenicism, sexism is inherent in patriarchal religion.

The “immigrants” who were flooding the country at the time Margaret Sanger was campaigning for birth control were overwhelmingly Irish, so if anyone should be so offended by her work, I suppose it should be someone like me with my Irish heritage. Instead, I am very thankful that Irish women were able to not be powerless over their lives and not live in squalor, and it seems to me no one ought to be offended about a movement if it helped their ancestors gain some control over endless childbearing and resulting poverty through birth control, which is voluntary.  Forced sterilization is a different situation; however, why anyone would think forced childbearing is preferable escapes me. The issue is CHOICE!

Nobody forces anyone to go to Planned Parenthood, use birth control, or submit to any procedure, nor do  certain groups get targeted for services over others, regardless of any attitudes anyone might have had who started the birth control movement a century ago, when ideas about so-called racial superiority were widely held. The use of current attitudes to judge people in the past and apply that to the present as if everyone who promotes birth control now is a eugenicist is  faulty reasoning—not to mention we have to judge people by the standard of their times, and Margaret Sanger is a hero to anyone who is sane, regardless of any such attitudes.

The other glaring issue I want to point out is the flip side of this argument.  Do people have a right to dominate others because they choose to overpopulate and have endless children? It’s no accident that the Catholic church and the Mormon church promote unbridled childbearing because they not only want to repress women’s right to self- determination, but they crave huge numbers of followers over whom they have dominion and whom they can control.  Children born into Catholicism, Mormonism, Islam,  and fundamentalist Protestant sects such as the Baptists, are conscripted into these patriarchal belief systems involuntarily in order to swell the influence of these churches over their followers and society at large, which we have witnessed increasingly because of their extreme fanatical views on abortion and birth control and resultant overpopulating. I believe the rest of us have some say in being taken over by sheer numbers and about having the earth destroyed because people are so hellbent on procreating in such outrageous numbers, hiding behind their religious justifications. The people having huge numbers of children affect all of us on this planet and threaten  all of our survival and if they think it is ok to force women into childbearing, perhaps it is time for them to be forced to stop overpopulating us into extinction and spreading their oppression!

The Negro Project and Margaret Sanger


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