Sarah Buttenwieser: We Are In Texas Now

This article examines the importance of respecting the need for reproductive rights, regardless of the woman’s circumstances of whether her story is more or less sympathetic to someone else, and that changing small details of punitive laws like Texas’ coerced sonogram law is no solution, that they need to be abolished altogether.  I would like to point out that this is for the simple reason that it is no one else’s business.  The concept of choice refers to the woman herself, not the church, the state, her insurance company, her physician, her hospital, pharmacist, ad nauseum.  It is HER choice and her choice alone.

The writer points out that many people have been ignoring the unabated attempts to block access to abortion (focusing more on choice) resulting in our being in the situation in which we now find ourselves, where bills proposing this type of invasiveness are proliferating.  I would add that it is also why we are now seeing the escalation of attempts to control access to birth control as well.  Both choice and access are under attack, with fetal personhood bills and laws criminalizing abortion spreading, and this is why we must pass the Equal Rights Amendment so that we don’t have to fight each and every one of these assaults on women’s reproductive rights as a separate event, can challenge them on Constitutional grounds, and can finally have equal standing before the law!

Sarah Buttenwieser: We Are In Texas Now


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