Death by Marriage | Rape Victim Amina Filali | The Nahmias Cipher Report

This story of Amina Filali is demonstrative of the cruel injustice meted out to women and girls in patriarchal societies that treat women as property .  This young girl’s agony is expressed so graphically by her decision to kill herself following the outrageous abuse by her perpetrator, her family, her culture, and the legal system that condemned her to live in perpetual emotional and physical torture.  The convoluted logic that would consider marrying a victim off to her perpetrator “resolution” could only be deemed sane in a culture completely benighted and consumed by patriarchal prejudice.  

This is what the fundamentalist fanatics would return this country to if they could—a hell where women’s worth is based solely on their sexuality, “marriageability”, and domestication as brood mares, and which reduces a female person’s life to nothing more than a object to be possessed first by her father and then her husband, “sanctified” by the church, and legitimized by the state. 

May the women of Morocco succeed in overturning this horrendous law and women of every nation  throw off the chains of oppressive patriarchal religion and culture so that no more women will be put in the terrible position Amina Filali found herself!  Blessed be, Amina.  Rest in peace in the arms of the goddess and be made whole again.

Death by Marriage | Rape Victim Amina Filali | The Nahmias Cipher Report


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