Children Taught to Obey Genocide Orders in US Schools

This is an outrage and is severe psychological and emotional child abuse to terrorize and brainwash young children with such repugnant ideology. It is important to point out that while Jesus taught and practiced kindness, love, and compassion, he was a departure from the Old Testament patriarchal god of wrath who was more than ok with genocide and in fact demanded it regularly towards the Mesopotamian peoples who practiced goddess worship.  The case of Jezebel and her people is instructive.  This is why the radical religious rightwing are so hellbent in their persecution of women and people who believe differently than they do. These hatemongers who preach this vile swill now have representatives in the highest court and every branch and level of government.  It is past time to wake up to the danger fundamentalist “Christian” extremism poses to this country and to the world.  We MUST get religion out of politics and our schools!

Children Taught to Obey Genocide Orders in US Schools | Care2 Causes#comment-3764575


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Filed under Separation of Church & State, The Radical Religious Right

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