Dems Claim Control of Wisconsin Senate | Care2 Causes

The back story that is being missed here is that the DNC did not put one cent towards the recall effort and the “support” Obama offered was one tweet on Monday night, revealing the dedication to maintaining the status quo and corporate corruption of the Democratic Party, always ready to sell out anyone or any cause that is truly progressive in its obsequious pandering to the far right.  Add to this their discouragement of a general strike in Madison, the gerrymandering by the Democrats, not the Republicans, of Kucinich’s district aimed at defeating his chances at re-election, and all the caving in to the rightwing extremists in Washington, and it becomes clear they are simply not about any substantive change.  So I will hold my applause.  We need third party and independents in office to break the two-party stranglehold the Republicans and Democrats have on our broken system.

Dems Claim Control of Wisconsin Senate | Care2 Causes


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