Democracy Now’s Expanded Coverage of the Presidential Debates AKA: A Dog Day Afternoon

Since the third party candidates were again elbowed out of the debates by the two major parties, Democracy Now! included two of them, Jill Stein of the Green Party and Rocky Anderson of the newly-formed Justice Party in an expanded version.  Apparently Amy Goodman had asked the Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson, to appear but he reportedly had a scheduling conflict; no mention was made of Roseanne Barr, who is running on the Peace and Freedom ticket, a glaring oversight.  I personally am thankful that time was not wasted on Johnson who would likely have been spouting Libertarian ideology, essentially a Lite version of the Republican corporate propaganda, which offers no solutions in the real world, merely trying as it does to prop up a failing capitalist system (the so-called “free market”) and justify hyper-individualist and corporate greed a la Ayn Rand.

The main difference between the responses in this interview of the two corporate candidates vs. the third party ones is that the third party people are actually dealing with reality and telling the truth instead of trying to peddle an ideology and a bogus bunch of non-issues. I was struck by not only the similarities between Obamney/Rombama but how many times they emphasized them, betraying the fact that they have reached agreement in secret ahead of time on what they would not challenge one another (see re contractual agreement reached by Commission on Presidential Debates behind closed doors).

Romney at least was much more convincing with his reality spin (sprinkled with some very accurate and valid criticisms of “Obamacare,” namely the mandate and robbing Medicare in order to fund it) and came across as even likeable for once, while Obama had great difficulty trying to shine up a lackluster, pisspoor record and looked flustered and ineffectual, which he basically is, letting Romney totally off the hook for all his arrogant statements/behavior (the 47%, not turning in his tax returns, picking austerity promoter/woman-basher Ryan as his running mate, etc.).  Every dog, as they say, has his day, and Romney had his in this first debate.

Obama is such a sellout he didn’t even point out that it was the corporate interests Romney vaunts who insisted on the changes to the healthcare bill of which Romney is criticizing him, and his lousy performance is his own fault for being such a lapdog for the right wing.  It’s pathetic the way he keeps trying to get their approval by doing their bidding and then gets his feelings hurt when they kick him for it; he keeps waiting for the pat on the head that is never going to come from these 1%’ers and neocons.  I think his most fatal flaw is his need to be liked by the wrong people and not knowing who his friends are, or at least were.

Given the extremist right wing’s mendacity, underhandedness, hypocrisy, and cutthroat draconian mentality, anyone reasonably intelligent could have predicted they would do exactly what they have done:  use him as their tool for their own use and then blame him for going along with their agenda.  He needs to stop dancing with the devil, but the likelihood of that at this juncture is remote, since he has become more and more devilish the longer he has danced to their tune.

All he needs to do to regain his soul, as well as his dignity,  is get honest, abandon his foolish ambition to be a member of the white elite, face the fact that he would never be more than their police dog, embrace his poor but truly morally superior upbringing, and repent his failure to make good on his 2008 campaign promises and he could laugh off the right wing’s trying to make him their fall guy/whipping post for enabling them, turn on them and give them what-for, biting the hand that has fed him on table scraps.  That would really give the people some HOPE for a change!

Instead, he will almost certainly stick with the bullshit, be “pragmatic,”  try to justify the unjustifiable, and continue to beg for the approval of his corporate masters, being the docile, housebroken pet he is, and may likely go down, unredeemed, and in the process give us over to a reign of the Romney-Ryan demon duo and the greater evil since a majority of Americans are not yet awake enough to vote third party.

In the last analysis, the only real contrast was between the corporate elitist Republicrat puppets and the third party candidates, Jill Stein of the Green Party and Rocky Anderson of the Justice Party, real people addressing real issues, offering actual solutions, like the Green New Deal, and a good reality check on the corporate approved two-party doublespeak. It is regrettable that Roseanne Barr, the Peace and Freedom Party candidate, was not asked to participate–we would have heard an even more real, hard-hitting, truthful, down-to-earth treatment of the issues.



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5 responses to “Democracy Now’s Expanded Coverage of the Presidential Debates AKA: A Dog Day Afternoon

  1. C E Krause

    LOVE IT: “Obamney/Rombama”! “Baramney and Mittamba”! [I’ve been calling him ‘Obomba’ so long, I don’t know how to spell his name anymore!]

    More spontaneous… Falderal and Balderdash, Doggerel and Hash-n-Trash… just for you!!!:

    Why vote for Baramney, when we’ve got Rombama?
    Don’t forget Obamney! What about Mittama?
    How lucky can we be: we’ve got VOTE-A-RAMA.
    I’ve never felt so free, since they killed Osama!

    Really good analysis!!! You sure can give well-deserved “what-for”!

  2. Bob Terry

    I suspect that it is yet another set up. Next debate, when O’bubba comes out swinging, the pundits will laud, “He’s back and he’s proud”. Watch and learn. These guys have professionals advising them. That was just to keep the illusion that this really is a choice.

    As Henry Kissinger, (remember him?), said, during the primaries 4 years ago, “Obama is the best one for the New World Order”. How’s that for Democracy in action?

    • Oh yes, it’s all professionally choreographed, you can almost see the strings being pulled, and Kissinger and other members of the shadow government are the ones pulling them. These two represent no real choice and the two corporate parties wouldn’t approve anyone who vaguely threatens to be. That being said, it is possible to also see the human element that is belied at times and cannot be completely controlled, and one can hope that perhaps the dog will turn on his master.

  3. Darel Propst

    I think Obama gave The Mittens plenty of rope to hand himself by letting him ramble on and on about “facts” that didn’t pass the scrutiny of FactCheck. That fire is working its way up his pant legs to his mittens…

  4. lotusgdess

    I agree with a lot of what you say, but this is a democracy and all the ignorant yahoos get to vote. There’s little chance anyone south of the Mason and Dixon line would ever be persuaded of our point of view. I mean these people are stupid enough to fall for Romney’s presto change act and that’s pretty stupid.

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