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Patriarchal Dominionism: The Core of Tyranny

It is no accident that today we are seeing the confluence of the corporate state, the seizure of political power by the church, and an escalating war on women.  Like the corporation, the church was an instrument of the king, and we are coming full circle again, witnessing the blurring of the line between church and state, the ascendancy of corporate fascism, and mounting scapegoating of women.

Some of you may wonder why the GOP has slipped a cog and gone completely off the rails with regard to women’s basic human rights.  The answer is this:  the GOP has been taken over by corporate interests and the right-wing authoritarian fundamentalist church, both of whom have always been exceedingly hostile to women’s autonomy, psychosocial independence, power, financial freedom, and self-determination.  The Republican Party started its slide into fascist theocracy when it put the church’s opposition to abortion into its platform in 1976, and plummeted into full-blown misogyny in 2012 with its rape comments and inclusion of a call for a “fetal personhood” amendment to the Constitution.

In the beginnings of this country, the colonies were ruled by governors who were appointed by the king and who were also church leaders; they also were beholden to and exploited by the corporate arm of the monarchy in the form of the British East India Company.  It was tyranny on the part of both the church and the corporation that led to the series of revolts, such as the Boston Tea Party, that culminated in the American Revolution. The Revolution also coincided with the most outrageous abuse of power by the church:  the witch hunts. This tyranny has a long history, going back to the beginnings of patriarchy.

In antiquity, there was goddess-worship for 25,000 years prior to the advent of patriarchal religions which took over by force.  The goddess-worshipping matrilineal culture of Minoa, an egalitarian and peaceful, prosperous, highly-developed culture that honored and respected the earth and life-giving nature and revered the sacred feminine, was destroyed by an invading patriarchal group who worshipped a male war god who ruled by fear and domination and who brought violence, death and destruction, gender inequality, and the abuse of power with it.

The patriarchal religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, which appeared much more recently and currently dominate, are all Middle-Eastern in origin, and despite all the concern about Sharia Law, there is very little difference between the Al Qaida and Christian fundamentalist dominionists in their zeal to oppress women.  There is likewise little difference between the last two U. S. administrations’ use of torture, labeling people “terrorists”, and use of psychological manipulation and wars to pursue domination of the earth and every creature on it, and the Inquisitions’ and Puritans’ use of torture and labeling women as “witches” and the use of Christian dogma to silence, control, and intimidate.

Though the Christian dominionist reconstructionists would like us to believe that the country was founded as a “Christian nation” and should be ruled by rigid Christian orthodoxy, the fact is they are talking about puritanical colonial America, not the post-revolutionary, independent United States of America, which was founded on the principles of the Enlightenment—rationalism, universalism, empiricism, and most importantly, secularism.  Unless we put a stop to the takeover of our government by both the corporation and the church, we are going to be living in a fascist, authoritarian, Calvinist, corporate theocracy where individual freedoms, especially for women, are a thing of the past.  We must WAKE UP and kick the corporation, and the church, out of government once and for all and pass the Equal Rights Amendment and an amendment to abolish corporate personhood before women once again are chattel and patriarchal corporate and ecclesiastical tyranny totally obliterate the rights of human beings.












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The Woman Who Separated Church From State | Care2 Causes

Kudos to Queen Vashti!  People need to remember that religion has always been at the heart of fascism and feudalism and the enemy of freedom and enlightenment.  What is particularly ironic is that the people like Santorum, et al, that want to crow endlessly about promoting their particular brand of religiosity and decry the separation of church and state are the very ones whose rights to practice their religion were (and could be again) guaranteed by it.  It was the Danbury Baptists whose persecution by the Anglican church/government Thomas Jefferson took up in his famous letter about this issue.  The Baptist Church is the largest denomination in this country and one of the most fundamentalist Protestant sects (they prefer evangelical nowadays) but they are fundamentalists, just like the Muslim jihadists, and behind the war on women’s rights.  What is really hilarious is that these are the very people who used to view the Catholic Church as the Beast of Revelations just a few years ago, but now are flocking behind people like Santorum,a Roman Catholic, mainly because they agree on how much they hate the freedom of women!  You watch, they will be joining forces with the Islamic fundamentalists eventually in their zeal to repress women. They are the Talibangelicals, whether Baptist, Catholic, or Muslim.

The Woman Who Separated Church From State | Care2 Causes

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The Stupak Amendment and the Radical Religious Right

The Stupak Amendment to the health care reform bill, passed by the House, trades away women’s health for a few votes from the religious right as it prohibits women from even PAYING for reproductive services such as
abortion.  The ongoing attempts of the radical right to deny women reproductive freedom know no bounds. Women are second-class citizens to these people who think a woman has less right to life than an embryo, borne out by their staunch opposition to abortion, even in the case of health risks and life of the mother, and by their ongoing violence at family planning clinics and towards doctors who perform abortions. The doctors, nurses, and staff at Planned Parenthood get harassed, intimidated, and even issued death threats on a daily basis from these people who so clearly have no respect for life; they are religious terrorists, every bit as much as their Muslim fundamentalist counterparts, and deserve to be treated as such.  We MUST stop the violence and ensure the safety of these caring and courageous people that work in the clinics, as well as the patients seeking care,  and we must stop the incursions of the radical religious right into positions of power in the government who make these kinds of outrageous decisions and who would return women to being chattel and force them into endless childbearing.

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In Honor of Dr. George Tiller

I am writing to mourn the loss of the extraordinary doctor who on a daily basis courageously faced down the terrorists who harassed him, threatened him, even injured him, and now have murdered him.  At the Family Planning Clinic where he helped women, often in desperate circumstances and traveling long distances, obtain abortion services, among other health care services, he and his staff were subjected to constant threats of violence and yet they persevered in order to help the women of this country.  Dr. Tiller was a man of great courage, compassion, kindness, and dedication and deserves a place of honor in the hearts of women and men everywhere.

His murder—actually assassination as it was politically motivated– is a tragic statement of the lengths to which these fascist zealots will go in their attempt to control others and try to force them to live according to their dogma and it is an outrage that they refer to themselves as “Christian” or “pro-life”.  They are nothing like Jesus, who preached tolerance and forgiveness, resembling the Pharisees and Sanhedrin of his time far more than the Christ.  This terrible act certainly makes the case for gun control so that guns don’t fall into the hands of fanatics. His killer and the people that believe this kind of conduct is justified are a disgraceful, unrepentant, self-righteous bunch of criminals, no better than the Al Qaida and ought to be imprisoned in Guantanamo alongside their fundamentalist Islamic counterparts.

I will remember him best as the gracious doctor who coined the phrase, “Trust Women”, as he knew women know what is best for them and are the only ones whose opinion on whether to bear or not to bear a child matters.

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