Welcome All Citizens!

Welcome any and all citizens who wish to participate more in our democracy!  I have been inspired by so many of you who want the best for our country and who care deeply about restoring some principles to its governance.  I am moved to express my abiding faith in the goodness that I know exists in the hearts of my countrymen and women who want to see us regain some integrity, authenticity, openness, honor, and mutual respect.  One of the ways to rebuild a civil society is through engaging in honest discourse with one another and the recognition and acceptance of variant points of view through the healing power of free speech combined with a willing ear.

While we exalt these virtues, we also discern with clear eyes the machinations of those who seek power in order to dominate and subdue others and who have gained control of many of our institutions. Being “wise as serpents but harmless as doves” while being dedicated to resisting oppression wherever we find it, however blatant or insidious, is an apt description of those of us who believe that working together to this end is not only the right thing to do but the most effective path to a better society.

Rather than become enmired in all the problems, the focus of this website is on identifying what needs to be changed, finding solutions together, and taking creative, constructive action to that end.  The hope for this endeavor is that it may bolster the courage of those who find our present situation intolerable and daunting, offering comfort and empowerment through the understanding that We are the citizens and as such We have the guaranteed, inalienable right to pursue our liberation from those who would attempt to subdue us.  We need only to remember that We have the Constitution and the Bill of Rights on our side and the revolutionary spirit of our founders behind us.  We can reclaim the republic and We are worth the effort!

Welcome Citizen, feel free to contribute your ideas and share those you find on this website; they are offered with an open mind and an open heart. Stand in your truth and speak from the heart.  Power to the People!


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